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              Accelerator for Spraycrete FSA、FSB



              This product is an admixture dedicated to spraying cement mortar or concrete, which can accelerate the setting and hardening of concrete admixture. FSA is powder, including two types: FSA1 with alkali and FSA2 without alkali. FSB is liquid, also including two types: FSB1 with alkali and FSB2 without alkali. 


              Major Technical Features

              1. Exterior feature: FSA is white gray or gray powder; FSB is colorless or light color liquid.
              2. No poison, no chlorine, no irritation. It does not cause any erosion damage to iron in concrete. The alkali content of alkali-free accelerator≤1.0%
              3. It is adaptable to various kinds of cement. It can make cement quickly harden. 
              4. It has high early strength. The 1 day compressive strength≥7.0MPa. It has little influence on later strength. 
              5. Spraycrete mixed with this product has good cohesiveness and low resilience. With its thickness of spraying and good impermeability, the product can help improve the quality of projects, thus bringing obvious economic benefit.
              6. Other performance indexes meet the requirements of JC477 Accelerator for Spraycrete standard. 

              Major Applications

              It is applicable to spraying concrete and mortar cement, widely used in the construction of shaft and tunnel in the department of coal, railway, metallurgy, hydropower, military and road.


              Use and Cautions

              1. The regular dosage of the three accelerators is 4.0~6.0% of the cement material. The recommended dosage is 5.0%. The specific dosage is to be determined in accordance with the factors such as environment and cement variety
              2. The dosage accuracy error of admixture shall not be greater than 1.0%
              3. The powder agent has strong moisture absorption. When the bag is opened, it should be used up (the rest should be put in another sealed bag). Remaining liquid should also be sealed. Moistur-proof, waterproof measures should be taken so as to make sure that the accelerator keeps a good accelerating effect and the construction process is not affected.  
              4. Fresh cement should be used. If the cement is caked or the temperature of the construction site is low, adaptability test should be conducted to determine the optimal dosage of the construction site, so that the quality of project is not affected. 
              5. Powder agent is packed in packet. Each package weighs 25kg±0.25kg, with inside being plastic packing and outside by woven bag. In transportation and storage, attention shall be paid to rain-proofing, waterproofing and damp-proofing. 
              6. In dry condition, the power accelerator has a shelf life of 6 months and the liquid accelerator has a shelf life of 3 months. Expired products should be tested before use.
              7. The product should be subjected to concrete performance test before use.


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