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              L Shrinkage-free High Strength Grouting Material LGM



              LCM shrinkage-free high performance grouting material is a hi-tech powder product composed of high strength cement, expansion component, super plasticizing component and modified component. It is the ideal material for installing large imported precision equipment and instruments, pouring anchor bolts and machine base or joining of steel structure with foundation. LGM reacts with water to produce a large amount of expandable crystalline minerals to make itself shrinkage free. LGM has good fluidity and high strength. LGM has been widely used in the industries of power, machinery, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum and construction. 


              Major Technical Features

              1. Good workability. It does not bleed. Under the circumstance of low water-cement ratio, it still has great fluidity. It can fill all the gaps.
              2. Early strength and high strength: The 3-day compressive strength is greater than 45MPa, and 28-day compressive strength is greater than 70MPa. Equipment installation can be carried out in 1 to 3 days. 
              3. Shrinkage free, high cohesiveness. It is slightly expansive. Its 28-day bond stress with concrete iron is greater than 6MPa.
              4. Good durability: It is inorganic spouting material. It does age and does not erosion damage to iron in concrete.
              5. Other performance indexes meet the requirement of JC/T 986-2005 standard of Cement Grouting Material
              LGM Performance indexes


              standard indexes

              LGM performance indexes

              Setting time (initial setting) min.



              Bleeding rate, %



              Fluidity, mm

              Initial value



              30 min retention value



              Compressive strength, MPa










              Vertical expansion rate, %




              Concrete iron bonding strength, MPa




              Erosion to concrete iron




              Methods off use

              1. Before grouting, the gap should be cleaned and the surface should be wet. 
              2. In the second-time grouting in small gap pebbles of 5~10mm can be added. 
              3. In grouting holes or small gap, manual tamping can be employed. In grouting machine bases, jolt jamming can be employed. Make sure, that air is driven away to make the grouting dense. When the surface is slightly dry, smooth the surface. When it is hardened, maintain it by watering or covering it with wet sack. The maintenance period is 7 to 14 days.

              Major Applications

              1. It can be used for second-time grouting of the anchor bolt and base of large equipment or precision equipment.
              2. It can be used for second-time grouting of linkage between steel structures (rail, frame, column) and base.
              3. It can be used for grouting back tensioned prestressed reinforcement
              4. It can be used for dyeing and column reinforcement. 
              5. It can be used for embedding with reverse method the construction gap in subway, tunnel and other underground works.


              Packaing and storage

              LGM is packaged with plastic woven back, each weighing 50kg±1kg. Under dry condition, the shelf life is 12 months. 


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