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              President Pan Xianwen Awarded the Title of “Outstanding Contributor to the Modernization and Innovation of the Management of Building Materials Enterprises in 2018”




              Sponsored by the China Construction Materials Enterprise Management Association, the 2019 National Building Materials Enterprise Management Innovation Conference was held on May 23 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,At the conference, achievements in innovation to the management modernization of national building material enterprises were issued and the outstanding contributors in this field were announced, with President Pan Xianwen of Sansheng Shares included.     

              Latest News


              Launch of WHO Pre-qualification Project - Opportunities and Challenges Coexist

              Sansheng Pharmaceutical?PLC(SSP)and WHO pre-qualification LPA (Local Production & Assistance Unit) expert representatives held the first online video conference on March 23, 2023,which is the symbol of?beginning of?WHO pre-qualification program.


              Ethiopia Financial Cooperation Department, Ministry of industry, Ministry of education, investment committee and other joint ins

              On 19-21 September, a joint inspection group of eight people from the government departments of Ethiopia financial cooperation, the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of education, the investment comm


              Mr. Wondwossen, executive deputy director of Ethiopia pharmaceutical purchasing and Supply Bureau, visited the company.

              A few days ago, Mr. Wondwossen, executive deputy director of Ethiopia pharmaceutical purchasing and Supply Bureau, visited the company.


              Ethiopia Pharmaceutical Inspection Bureau visited the company

              In from August 11th to 18th, Ms. Heran, deputy executive director of the Ethiopia food, drug and Health Administration (SFDA), went to the company for field visits.


              Thanksgiving twenty - the 20th anniversary celebration of the company held ceremoniously

              Strive for twenty years, the excitement of the new story. In the afternoon of June 8, 2017, Chongqing Sansheng industrial Limited by Share Ltd held the "Chongqing Sansheng industry Limited by Share Lt


              Sansheng Shares Ranks No. 9 in 2018 Top 10 Commercial Concrete Enterprises and Top 10 Polycarboxylic Acid Superplasticizer Enterprises in China

              In May 2019, the top 10 enterprises in "Kozhijie Cup" organized by China concrete network and the top 10 enterprises in “AoKe Cup” for polycarboxylic acid water reducer enterprises in 2018 were announ

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